How to Find Deals at Garage Sales

Garage sales are terrific places to buy items for great prices. When searching for deals, choose a garage sale that has a solid reputation. Larger sales sometimes have reviews online; read the pros and cons of each and decide whether or not to go. If there are serious problems with parking, crowds, or mediocre prices, look for a different sale that excels in these areas. Before you go to a sale, perform a bit of research on things you are interested in. Although it is not necessary to make a shopping list, having a general idea of the genres, dimensions, and competitive prices will make your experience worthwhile. On the day of a garage sale, wake up early to arrive before other buyers arrive. While popular sales have large selections, the sheer amount of people can make it difficult to find the best deals. Arriving in the morning will ensure that most items are still on the table whereas arriving in the afternoon could lead to disappointment. Talk to a seller to learn more about individual items and their exclusiveness. If you get to know the owners, they could divulge secrets about hidden deals that will give you an advantage.

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