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Coupons 101: Where to Get Grocery Coupons


When most people see what a “crazy” coupon mom I am, the first question is inevitably, “where the heck do you get all those coupons?” It’s a really good question because the key to saving big with coupons is getting a good stash of coupons. So where the heck do you get them?

1. The Sunday Paper. The Sunday paper is still one of the best ways to get some great coupons. I tend to clip most all of the coupons, just in case a great deal comes along. However, the trick with the Sunday paper is to get multiple sets of coupons. You can do this by simply asking friends and family to save their coupons for you. Or, ask the guy who sits next to you at work who you know never used a coupon in his life to bring them in for you. And, on weeks where there are a lot of great coupons, go out and buy an extra paper. What I often do is go to a local store during the week and ask if they have any leftover Sunday papers. I did this last week, and I got two leftover Sunday papers for only $1 each! They were just PACKED with coupons. A Wicked Cool Deal!

2. The Internet. In the last year, the internet has exploded with printable grocery coupons. Smart Source, are just a couple of examples of some great sites to get printable grocery coupons. Not only are printable internet coupons free, you can usually print more than one. Most often the limit is 2 coupons, but that is PER COMPUTER. So print 2 at home, 2 at work, have your husband print 2 at work, etc. This is a great way to build up your stash of coupons. Good internet coupons can be hard to find, and I spent more than a year finding the best ways to find them. Now you can get them too right here at Wicked Cool Deals! I never put a coupon up on this site that I have not printed out myself, nor do I put up grocery coupons that originate from anywhere other than a manufacturer.

3. By Mail. I have been amazed at the availability of coupons by mail. Many manufacturers offer coupons and coupon books by mail. Most require that you sign up for their newsletters or email lists. You know, signing up is OK. It’s OK because these manufacturers continue to send you great coupons in the mail! Again, so long as you are registering your information directly with a manufacturer you should have no problems. And I’m talking about great companies like Kraft, General Mills, Kelloggs, Proctor & Gamble, etc. Blue chip, baby!

3. Directly from Manufacturers. I think ladies used to do this in the “old” days. Simply write or email companies and ask for coupons! Works like a charm. If Tide is your favorite detergent, contact Proctor & Gamble and ask for some coupons. Have a baby? Email Gerber and ask them to send you some coupons.

4. Ebay. Seriously, Ebay. There are people who clip coupons and sell them on Ebay. I know because I bought some myself. My husband thought I was a nut, but I had to check it out. I paid $1.40 and someone sent me an envelope full of clipped coupons. I wondered what kind of person would sit there and clip coupons, then sell them for almost no money. But hey, I got my coupons. I laughed, then I used them.

5. Coupon Clipping Services. There are coupon clipping services like where you can get coupons sent to you. However, there is a charge for this services. For example, you can get a $1.50 laundry detergent coupon for $.15. Now, I have never used a coupon clipping service because I am able to get so many coupons using the sources above. For some people, this could be a pretty good deal. Especially if you are someone who is too busy to clip coupons – although this I don’t understand. Clipping coupons is not rocket science.

So there you have it, and go to it!

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