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Disclosure Policy

The purpose of Wicked Cool Deals is to help you spend wisely and live well by sharing money-saving ideas, deals, printable coupons, online promotional codes to help you spend less and get more. We work hard for our money and in these difficult economic times we need to stretch our dollars as far as they can go.

Blogging deals is a full-time job. I spend in excess of 8 hours per day helping others save money.  Because this is a business, I feel strongly that is perfectly acceptable that I be compensated for the time and effort I put into doing what I love to do – help others save money. Plus, I have a number of costs associated with running a blog of this size — server space, tech an design help, advertising and more. So sometimes when you print a coupon, purchase a product or music download, I’m earning a small fee from the sponsoring product or brand. I also accept paid advertising on my blog’s sidebar and use affiliate links on deal posts when they are available.

On occasion, I do accept opportunities to write an underwritten post. However, I will only accept a paid opportunity when it is a good fit for my blog and only if it will provide valuable information to my readers.  If it’s something I’m interested in myself, or something I think is a good deal I’m happy to write about it. To get paid for it is just an added plus. Here’s the bottom line: I MUST earn a living posting deals because if I don’t I will have to go out and get a job. If I get a job, rest assured Wicked Cool Deals would no longer exist.

My readers are my first priority.  I want you to trust that the content you find on Wicked Cool Deals is not is not influenced by money. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine and not influenced in any way by anyone.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please drop me an email.

This policy was last updated May 17, 2011.

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  • Disclosure Policy
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