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Price Chopper: All the Ways to Save – Savings Bigger Than a 6-Year Old Girl ($370 Worth of Groceries for $135)!

Posted By Michelle Hovestadt On May 27, 2012 @ 9:25 pm In Grocery Deals,Price Chopper | Comments Disabled

This post is sponsored by Price Chopper [1]. All opinions are mine.


Price Chopper is one of my favorite stores in which to shop. Why? Because there are SO many ways to save! In fact, as you can see from the photo above, savings from my most recent shopping trip were bigger than my 6-year old daughter!


I purchased $370 worth of groceries and paid just $135 – that’s about a 63% savings. I saved a whopping $234!  I also earned $.30 off a gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons!), a $2 Catalina coupon good on my next shopping order, SavingStar credits, and UPromise credits – when totaled would be almost 70% in savings.

I, by no means, consider myself an “extreme” coupon shopper. People out there paying $2 for $1,000 worth of groceries are probably less than 1% of the population. While I do think it’s cool when people manage to do it, I’m with the 99% of other people just trying to save a few dollars.  I’m a wife, mom to four children ages 11, 10, 8 and 6, a small business owner, PTA volunteer, soccer coach, basketball coach and football mom. I’m not giving up one second of time with my family to buy 100 boxes of cereal for a penny that my family will never eat.

So how did I save $234, and how can you start saving more at Price Chopper? It’s all in what you know, and these are things anyone can do!

Your AdvantagEdge Card

Your AdvantEdge Card is what begins your savings, so if you don’t have one you’ll want to visit pricechopper.com [4]or your local store’s Customer Service Desk for information on how to get your card. On this shopping trip, my AdvantEdge Card saved me $90 right off the top. Impressive! Your AdvantEdge Card also allows you to take advantage of the Fuel AdvantEdge gas savings program and other deals. As an example, right now when you spend $150 on Lowe’s Gift Cards, you’ll get a coupon to save $10 on your next shopping order, plus you’ll get $.10/gal of gas. If you’re planning some home improvement projects, like us, this is a great deal.

Know Your Price Chopper Coupon Policy

Price Chopper has a very generous coupon policy, and you can find its Corporate Coupon Policy here. Price Chopper will double any manufacturer coupon, from the newspaper or printed from the Internet, with a value up to $0.99. So your $.30 coupon will double to $.60, your $.50 coupon will double to $1, and your $.75 coupon will double to $1.50. Price Chopper will double up to 4 “like” coupons, but if you have a $1.00 off coupon you can use as many as you want. On this shopping trip I found Jell-O Temptations on sale for $2.50 and I was able to use five $1.10/1 coupons I printed on Coupons.com, so I paid just $1.40 each after coupons. I had one $.90/1 coupon that doubled to $1.80, so I bought another one for just $.70 after the coupon doubled!

I’m always on the lookout for $.75 off coupons because they are the most common and double to $1.50. I purchased two Milky Way Bars at $.79 each and used a $.75/2 coupon that doubled to $1.50. Final cost? $0.04 each. Luigi’s Italian Ice was on sale for $2 (a great price!), so I bought two and used a $.75/2 coupon that doubled to $1.50. I paid just $1.25 each (reg. $3.99).

I sure do like the $.50 off coupons that double to $1. Cool Whip was on sale for $1, and I had four $.50/1 coupons I printed from Facebook. I got all four totally free. And yes, I eat Cool Whip right from the container with a spoon!

Competitor Coupons

Price Chopper also accepts competitor coupons from other grocery stores, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, etc., and this is one of the biggest ways I save.  For example, Target has hundred of printable coupons here, and I often use Rite Aid Video Values coupons here [5].

On this shopping trip, Magnum Ice Cream Bars were on sale 2/$7, and they were also part of the week’s gas deal. I purchased 4 boxes and used (2) $2.00/2 Target coupons for big savings.  I found Skittles for $.50, and I used a Rite Aid coupon for $.50/1 to get it free! Price Chopper also accepts other grocery stores double and triple coupons.

So when folks see my very large stack of coupons and wonder where I get them all, it’s usually from competitor sites like Target and Rite Aid.

Coupons for Free Items

Price Chopper is one of the few grocery stores that will accept coupons for free items, including Internet-printed coupons, up to $5. Manufacturers offer many Buy One, Get One Free coupons, so it’s good to know I can head to Price Chopper to redeem them. On this shopping trip, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice was on sale 2/$5. I had two Buy One, Get One Free coupons I printed on the Internet, so I paid just $1.25 each. This juice normally sells for $3.49, so that was a big savings.

Target also has quite a few Buy One, Get One Free coupons available to print, so I bought two packs of Trident Layers Gum at $1.59 each, and used a Buy One, Get One Free Target coupon so I paid about $.79 each. I also got a couple packs of Eclipse Gum for $1.39 each, and used another Target Buy One, Get One Free coupon, so I paid just $.69 each.  I should be good with gum for awhile.

Price Chopper Bonus Store Coupons

Another one of my favorite ways to save is with Price Chopper Bonus coupons I get in the mail, print on Facebook, at Price Chopper.com or via email. I love the weekly Facebook coupons, and I use most of them each week. I like that they often will have a Bonus Coupon for fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. On this shopping trip I used a $2 off $10 fresh meat purchase coupon, plus a coupon to get a 10 oz. container of Price Chopper Hummus for just $2 (reg. $3.49) I printed off of Facebook.

This coming week there is a Facebook coupon to get $1.00 off fresh strawberries! Strawberries happen to be on sale for $2.99, so I’ll pay just $1.99 with the coupon. That’s the best price I’m ever going to get.

Price Chopper Bonus Store Coupons Stack with Manufacturer Coupons!


You can get extra savings by stacking a Price Chopper Bonus Store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for the same item! As you can see from the photo above, I really take advantage of this. As it happens, I received a Price Chopper Summer Savings (this may not be the exact title) coupon booklet in the mail, and it was loaded with store coupons. So I clipped them, lined them up and starting pairing up any manufacturer coupons I had in my stash. One purchase was Kraft Fresh Takes which I love because my family thinks I can actually cook really well when I use them! They are priced at $2.49. I had a $1 off Price Chopper store coupon and I stacked it with a $.75/1 manufacturer coupon that doubled to $1.50 which made it FREE after the coupons stacked.

I also found Philadelphia Indulgence for $2.49 with a $1 off discount stickie on it. I had a $1 off Price Chopper store coupon and I stacked it with a $.55/1 coupon that doubled to $1.10. Free again after stacked coupons! On this one, note that I did not expect nor get overage – because the coupon value was more than the item, I simply got the item for free.

One of the best “stacks” was Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. There was an in-ad bonus store coupon to get a 30 oz. jar for just $2, and I had a $1 off coupon from the Sunday newspaper. I paid just $1!

Now here’s an example of what I call a “super stack!” I also found a coupon on a package of chicken to get $1 off Hellmann’s mayo when you buy any fresh chicken. So I bought the mayo, which is essentially free after the coupons.  I also had a Price Chopper store coupon to save $2 on ANY package of split chicken. So I bought the cheapest package at about $5 and got $2 off. So I got a couple of large split chicken breasts plus a jar of mayo for $3. I thought that was pretty creative.

Price Chopper i-Save Coupons


The first thing I do upon entering any Price Chopper store is scan my card in the i-Save coupon machine, which you can find at the entrance to the store. I usually don’t know what I’m going to get, so that makes it a little exciting! If I have one of my kids with me, he or she loves to scan the card and get the coupons!

Sometimes the weekly ad will give you a heads up on an i-Save coupon. I usually find a mix of Price Chopper store coupons (which I can of course stack with a manufacturer coupon) or manufacturer coupons that will double if under $.99. I was lucky on this shopping trip because I got a manufacturer coupon for $0.75/1 Newman’s Own Lemonade. Now I happen to know this product is priced at $2 every day, so I paid just $.50 after the coupon doubled! I also had three other identical coupons so I walked out with four half gallons of Newman’s Own Lemonade, each only $.50!

Price Chopper Digital or eCoupons

Price Chopper recently rolled out a Digital (or eCoupon) program where you get coupons loaded directly onto your Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card. The biggest advantage is that there is nothing to clip or print. Just sign up, go in and “click” the coupons you want and they’re downloaded onto your Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card. When you make your purchase, you automatically get your savings when the cashier swipes your card. It’s that simple.  So for example, Degree Deodorant was on sale buy one at $3.69, get one free. There’s a $.75/1 Degree eCoupon to load, so the final cost is $1.47 (ecoupons don’t double).

You can learn more about Price Chopper’s eCoupons here [8].

Coupons Around the Store

I’m always on the prowl for blinkie and other coupons that may be around the store. I think you have to be “looking” for them to actually see them. I found coupons for $.55/1 Mott’s Medleys, and the price was chopped to $1.89 so I paid $1.34 after the coupon (it was a “do not double” coupon).  There was, of course, the “super stack” on the chicken and Hellmann’s mayo above!

Catalina (CAT) Deals


I love Catalina deals, and they are a terrific way to save a lot of money. With a Catalina deal, you get a coupon for dollars off your next shopping order for purchasing certain products. The coupon prints out at checkout. Catalina deals can be a little confusing, and you don’t always know when there is a Catalina deal going on. I’ll use a simple example. When I was at Price Chopper a couple of weeks ago, a coupon spit out at the register about a Catalina deal on Kikkoman Marinades from 5/14-7/8. If you bought two, you’d get a $1 CAT coupon. If you bought three, you’d get a $2 CAT coupon. Here’s the deal I worked out:

I bought 3 Kikkoman Marinades at $1.79 each
I used (3) $1.00/1 Kikkoman Marinade printable coupons
I spent $2.37 out of pocket, and received a $2 CAT coupon at checkout
Net cost = $.37 or $.12 each!

Now sometimes Price Chopper will be running its own Catalina, and surprise – a coupon will spit out at the register. On my last shopping trip, I got a CAT coupon for $5 off my next shopping order for apparently no reason! I think maybe because I spent a certain amount at Price Chopper, I was rewarded with a coupon.


SavingStar is a fairly new way to save more at the grocery store, and I’m liking it more every day. SavingStar is similar to digital or ecoupons, although what’s different is that you don’t see your savings at the register. Rather, they accrue in your account and you can choose to get paid out in cash or gift cards (I like Amazon gift cards). You can also choose to have your savings donated to a charity. You can learn more about SavingStar here.

A big benefit to SavingStar is that you can “stack” your savings. For example, I purchased Dial Hand Soap on sale for $2.50. I had a $1.00/1 manufactuer coupon so I paid $1.50, plus I got another $1 in a SavingStar credit. The net cost is just $.50 after stacked savings!


I signed up for a UPromise College Savings Account when my children were babies. How it works is that you register your credit cards, grocery store cards, etc., and you earn money for college when you buy certain items. There’s nothing to click or clip; if your store card is registered your account is automatically updated with the savings (although you don’t really see the savings right away). My Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card is registered, so I get a little extra savings each week. Those extra savings can certainly grow over time so I do not discount them. Every little bit helps these days.

What’s fun is that you can combine ways to save. For example, McCain Fries are priced at $3.49. You can get a $1.00 UPromise credit PLUS get a $1.00 SavingStar credit. There’s also a $1.00 manufacturer coupon to print, so when all is said and done, you pay just $.49. It’s really just about learning to be creative.

Price Chopper’s Fuel AdvantEdge Program

I like to get the most for my money, and the Fuel AdvantEdge program helps me do just that. With gas still hovering around $4/gal, I’m looking for ways to save on gas for sure. A lot of stores do not have gas programs at all. At Price Chopper, you get $.10/gal when you spend $100, plus be on the lookout for special gas savings deals in your weekly flyer. I love saving on gas simply for buying things I need at the grocery store.

On this shopping trip, I took advantage of the Unilever gas deal: spend $20 on participating products, earn an extra $.20/gal of gas. These are products I love, and I had tons of coupons to use (total spend must be $20 AFTER coupons). So on this shipping trip, I earned $.10/gal for my $135 total purchases, plus another $.20/gal for my $20 Unilever purchase for a total of $.30/gal!

As much as I’m thrilled to have saved $234, it really is more. I got $6 off in gas ($.30/gal x 20 gal), a $2 Catalina coupon, a total of $4.50 in SavingStar credits, and $3 in UPromise Credits – all savings that didn’t necessarily show up at the register. It all counts, and every little bit helps in these difficult financial times.

Price Chopper does have so many ways to save, and it pays to go through this savings checklist when planning your shopping trip. Did I clip and print any available manufacturer coupons? Did I check Facebook and PriceChopper.com for bonus coupons?  Are there any manufacturer coupons I can stack? Are there any competitor coupons I can use?  Is there a gas deal this week that can get me extra gas points? Are there any eCoupons I can use?

I encourage you to use some or all of these tips the next time you head out to Price Chopper!

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